Welcome to Revolution PK!

Hello, welcome to Revolution-PK. Our website is still under construction, but if you see this, we've got this far!

Lets begin!

First, our server is quite new. We opend up November 11th 2008, so we haven't got quite enough people that we one day hope to get. And if you become apart of our community, we're all sure you won't regret it.

Second, we're currently hosted on a Virtual Private Server, which has 3.5G of Ram. Which means we can hold about 200-300 people! But, for us to get that high of members, we need everyones help voting. If you Don't mind, go to the very top of this website and click "Vote" and then click the button on that page!

Now, as many people that have asked me about Donations, I will awnser here. We currently DO accept donations, and every donation we get, 90% will go to the server. ( Ooh yeah, keepin' 10% for my hard work. If you don't like that, please leave this website. ) Here is the button if you would like to donate.


Our staff. Many have came up to me and said, Water why do we have so many staff members? Well. When I created this, it was because a friend had asked me to start servers. I said id look around on diffrent ones, and as I looked at them I noticed the admins would abuse commands etc etc, and my hopes for this server is not to be the best or boast about what ive done, but to make sure that players can enjoy the time when they play. Yeah a bit odd, but hey. And yes, WE DO HIRE PEOPLE! But I hand pick the staff members, I don't let just anyone say "hey, i become mod pls". So if your here to get a mod spot, you better work hard and let the Staff see it!

So hey, welcome to the site and enjoy your stay! Check the forums for more!

Recent downtime.

Alright, so as people know the server was down for about 24 hours. I had shut it off, as I thought I was going to end Revolution. I was out with family and it had hit me that I started this server so people could have fun and not have to worry about staff abusing, and that if I ended it I would be letting what community we have got so far down, and then I decided I was going to put it back up. So players of Revolution, WE'RE STAYING UP! But that also means that i'm going to be alot harder on some of you, and you know who you are and why i'm saying this. People don't want to listen to me, well i'm not going to take that bullshit anymore. Revolution-PK Staff, if you abuse, your spot is GONE. This is your final warning. With that said, Pk!